2008 Kubota ZD331LP-72 Commercial Turf Mower

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ZD331LP-72 Commercial Turf Mower


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For maneuverability, nothing beats our lineup of zero-turn mowers. Designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use, they combine a high-output gas or diesel engine with a host of innovative features enabling you to handle anything that crosses your path. Mulching Kit - The deep mower deck of the Kubota ZD-300 is perfect for mulching, even on thick grass. A Kubota original flow plate has been added to the closed-system design to optimize airflow and facilitate repeated cutting. The mulching blades are designed to provide an extra-fine cut to leave a beautiful finish. New Mulching Blades - Forged from high-quality steel, our ZD-300 mulching blades are incredibly sharp and hold their razor-like edges longer. Striping Kit (ZD3122) - Kubota offers a striping kit for the ZD300 series, designed to create a striping effect on manicured lawns. The striping kit mounts between the rear wheels and the mower deck, and can be raised and lowered from the seat using deck hydraulics. Fits all ZD300 series. Optimum results achieved with 60" mower deck in conjunction with mulching kit or grass catcher to reduce the amount of clippings, and produce a more striped effect on manicured lawns with smooth terrain. ZD300 Series Sunshades - Sunshades are available for the ZD 300 series mowers, mounting on the ROPS. Work Lights - Mounted mid-height on the ROPS, durable work lights are included to assist in safe driving in the dark and increased visibility on the work site. Front Blade - Front blade is constructed of heavy 11-gauge steel moldboard in a 64" width. Includes hydraulic lift from the seat. Manual blade angle adjustment, also from the seat (15 and 30 degrees left and right). Dedicated subframe included. Ideal for dirt, gravel, slush, and light duty snow moving. "CATCH ALL" Grass Catcher - The deck-mounted blower forces clippings into a large, 12.2-bushel hopper, allowing the operator to mow longer over a larger area without stopping as often to empty clippings. For quick removal of grass clippings, the hopper lid is simply unlocked and the bag slides out. Quick attach on/off system.

  • Adjustable Front Axle (Oscillating/Rigid) - A steel front cover lifts up providing access to Adjustable Front Axle. Front axle can be easily changed from rigid to oscillating with the use of two pins. A rigid front axle is recommended for a more even cut while mowing rough terrain, while the oscillating front axle provides a smoother ride and oscillates with the terrain.
  • Control Panel - The ergonomically angled control panel is easy to view and access controls and indicators, including sped controls, fuel and oil gauges, the all-new cutting height adjustment dial (1"-5" in increments of ΒΌ"), the locking PTO lever and more.
  • Hands-Free Hydraulic Deck Lift - Kubota's advanced hydraulic deck lift pedal system allows the operator to easily raise and lower the deck with foot pedals, so easy access and quick response is never a problem.
  • Flexible Discharge Chute - The mower deck's discharge chute is crafted from a flexible, but sturdy material, which helps reduce damage to trees and bushes when mowing around these obstacles. The discharge chute is also 27% wider than before for better dispersion of clippings.
  • Dual Fuel Tank - Fuel capacity is maximized with two fuel tanks, holding 11.9 gallons total. This feature allows the operator to work longer and more efficiently without stopping to refuel. With approximately 30% greater fuel efficiency than gas-powered engines, diesel fuel also results in lower fuel costs.
  • Large Diameter Rear Tires - The ZD-300 series features large diameter, sturdy rear tires for improved stability, durability and handling. The ZD331, ZD326 with 60"/72" decks and ZD321 with 60" deck come standard with 26x12.012 rear tires. The ZD321 with 54" deck is equipped standard with 26x10.5-12 tires.
  • Operator Speed Control Levers - The ZD-300 series includes newly designed operator speed control levers that include extra padding for a more comfortable mowing experience. The levers are also adjustable 19 degrees forward and backward, and their height can be increased or decreased by an inch, giving the operator more leg room, better reach and increased comfort.
  • Flat-Free Front Caster Tires - The ZD331/ZD326P include flat-free (semi-pneumatic) front caster tires as standard equipment. These tires have been specifically designer to absorb impact with the rigidity of their structural thickness rather than merely with a cushion of air. Additionally, this means less down-time changing flat tires and increased productivity.
  • Full-Flat Operator Platform - The ZD300 series features a full-flat operator's platform with curved front footrest that enables the operator to maintain a comfortable posture at all times. The operator platform is also wider than before to accommodate the wider deluxe suspension seat and providing more leg room, resulting in more comfortable operating experience that reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Air Cleaner Indicator - The ZD-300 series features an aircleaner indicator that indicates when it's time to change or clean the filter, to help maintain maximum airflow capacity.
  • Cup Holder - The handy cup holder is a standard feature on the ZD-300 series. The cup holder is large enough to hold a large mug or bottle of water, and is conveniently located within easy reach from the operator's seat.
  • Pro Commercial Mower Deck - The ensure superior cutting performance, Kubota's newly developed shaft-driven mower with deeper deck and flat design, plus unique new baffling system, forces grass through all three cutting blades faster. Deck sizes available are 54 in., 60 in., and 72 in.. All decks are constructed of heavy 7-gauge steel. These fabricated decks are 6.5 inches in depth (60 in./72 in.) and 6 in. (54 in.) and are designed to allow faster cutting - even in tall, thick, and wet grass. Swivel anti-scalp rollers are included on 60 in./72 in. decks. Spindle bearings and pulleys provide maximum strength and support.
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner - The dual element air cleaner not only reduces the frequency of required maintenance, but also more effectively prevents entry of debris which contributes to extending engine service life.
  • Kubota Diesel Engine - The ZD-300 series include 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled Kubota engines featuring Kubota's unique E-TVCS combustion method that delivers the superior operational performance particularly required by professional users. Not only are they exceptionally durable, these fuel efficient Kubota diesel engines are engineered for clean emissions and low noise, making them environmentally friendly while providing high output along with high torque rise.
  • Hands-Free Parking Brake - The parking brake is engaged and disengaged all by pressing or depressing a pedal. A hands-free operation, the pedal is conveniently located directly in front of the operator on the angled footboard for easy access.
  • Maintenance Hatch - The ZD-300 series includes a new maintenance hatch on the full-flat platform with built in storage pocket (ideal place to store operator's manual), for easy access to the upper mower, gearbox case and universal joint parts.
  • Transmission/Engine Access - maintenance has never been so easy. The seat lifts up and forward for easy access to transmission and the hood opens to full access of engine for inspection and maintenance.
  • Deck Maintenance Lift System - For routine maintenance underneath the mower, Kubota's unique two-=pin, tilt-up feature allows the front of the ZD-300 to be easily raised without having to remove the mid-mount mower. The system includes locks for the front tires to ensure safety. It's like having a built-in jack right there when you need it.
  • Large Radiator And Integrated Screen - The ZD-300 series mowers feature a 20% larger radiator than previous models to improve cooling performance and prevent the engine from overheating. Additionally, the radiator screen is now integrated into the hood for better sealing performance and less likelihood of grass clippings finding their way inside the screen.
  • Foldable ROPS - A foldable ROPS is standard equipment on the ZD-300's.
  • New Durable One-Piece Integral Transmission - 1) Wet-type hydraulic PTO clutch; 30% greater transfer capacity. 2) 120% increase in HST capacity. 3) Strong casting rear shaft cover. 4) Easy-to-clean, tractor-type suction paper cartridge filter. 5) External Gear hydraulic charge pump. 6) Enclosed hydraulic control valves for mower deck lifting. 7) Durable copper metal cylinder block. 8) Wet-type multi-disk brake (on parking brake). 9)Extended rear tire axle for added strength.
  • Grass Catcher (GCK60-331Z) - Kubota's "Catch All" Grass Catcher holds 12.2 bushels. The blower forces clippings into the 2-bags+1tray, allowing the operator to mow longer over a larger area without stopping as often to empty clippings. For quick removal of grass clipping. For quick removal of grass clippings, the hopper lid is simply unlocked and the bags slide out.
  • Striping Kit (ZD3122) - A professional manicured and striped effect can be achieved with Kubota's Striping Kit. This striping kit is a one-roller design that lifts with the deck. Fits all ZD-300 series.
  • Work Lights (ZD3116) - Mounted mid-height on the ROPS, durable work lights are an option to assist in safe driving in the dark and increase visibility on the work site.
  • Mulching Kits (54"-ZD3155/ 60"-ZD3165/ 72"-ZD3175) - The deep mower deck of the Kubota ZD-300 series is perfect for mulching, even in thick grass. A Kubota original flow plate has been added to the closed-system design to optimize airflow and facilitate repeated cutting. The mulching blades are designed to provide an extra-fine cut to leave a beautiful finish. Each mulching kit includes (3) mulch blades.
  • Engine Model: Kubota D1305
  • Engine Type: Diesel, liquid-cooled (3 cyl)
  • Max. Horsepower: 31 HP @ 3000 rpm
  • Total Displacement: 76.98 cu. in. (1261 cc)
  • Starting System: Key switch - super glow
  • Overall Length: 91.9 in. (2335 mm)
  • Overall Width (w/mower): 87.5 in. (2223 mm)
  • Overall Width (w/o mower): 57.5 in. (1460 mm)
  • Overall Height (w/ROPS upright): 75.4 in. (1915 mm)
  • Overall Height (w/ROPS folded): 61.2 in. (1555 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 60.0 in. (1525 mm)
  • Tread Front: 42.1 in. (1070 mm)
  • Tread Rear: 45.3 in. (1150 mm)
  • Tire Size: 15X6.0-6 Flat-Free Front / 26X12.0-12 Rear
  • Weight with Mower: 1812 (822 )
  • Transmission System: 2-HST w/Gear
  • Speed Control: 2-hand Lever
  • Front Travel Speed Range: 0 - 10.6 (0 - 17.0 )
  • Rear Travel Speed Range: 0 - 5.3 (0 - 8.5 )
  • Brake Type: Wet multi disks, foot operated
  • PTO Type: Shaft Drive
  • PTO Clutch Type: Wet Multi Disk
  • PTO Brake: Wet Single Disk
  • Mower Model: RCK72P-331Z
  • Mower Lift System: Hydraulic
  • Deck Type: Fabricated Deck
  • Deck Depth: 6.5 in. (165 mm)
  • Deck Steel Thickness: 0.18, 0.17 in. (4.6, 4.2 mm)
  • Anti-Scalp Roller: Swivel
  • Cutting Width of Mower: 72 in.
  • Number of Blades: 3 Blades
  • Cutting Height: 1 in. ~ 5 in. (in1/4 in. increments)
  • Mounting System of Mower: Parallel Linkage
  • Blade Tip Speed (Max): 18100 RPM
  • Seat Adjustment: One Touch System (Weight, Armrest, Reclining, and Lumbar Support)
  • Step Deck: Full Flat
  • Engine Stop System: Key Stop
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.9 gal. (48.8 l)
  • Battery: 12 Volts, 51R, 450CAA@0degrees F, 70 min. RC.
  • Alternator Capacity: 14 Volts 14 Amps
  • Water Temperature Indicator: Standard
  • Hour Meter: Standard
  • Fuel Gauge: Electric



Engine Manufacturer
Kubota D1305
Horse Power
31 HP @ 3000 RPM
Engine Type
Diesel, liquid-cooled (3 cyl)
76.98 cu. in. (1261 cc)


2-HST w/Gear
Wheel Size
15X6.0-6 Flat-Free Front / 26X12.0-12 Rear
Fuel Capacity
12.9 gal. (48.8 l)


Deck Size
72 in.
Discharge Type